Advanced Settings

Turbo for Windows

Click on Settings at the bottom right of the Turbo Launcher to bring up the Settings dialog.

  1. Open on startup: starts Turbo Launcher on Windows startup.
  2. Disable proxy autodetection: do not use the Windows Internet Explorer proxy settings to access the internet.
  3. Show launcher in the taskbar: shows Turbo Launcher on the Windows taskbar.
  4. Allow access to local network: allow cloud launched applications to connect to the local network.
  5. Allow access to local user folders: allows applications launched on my machine to have full read write access to special user folders including the OneDrive folder.
  6. Launch: controls where the applications will execute for your left-click launches.
  7. Cloud: the application will execute in the cloud and stream to the user’s device.
  8. Machine: the application will execute locally on the user’s device.

Configuring the default launch setting for-applications

Turbo for Mac

Click on the gear (⚙) icon at the top-right of the Launcher to access the settings.

  1. Synchronize with save application settings to the cloud.
  2. Open on startup: open the Turbo Launcher when the system starts.
  3. Use Extended RAIL: improve visual appearance of streamed application.
  4. Use H.264: use codec to decrease bandwidth usage for streaming (requires Extended RAIL).
  5. Cloud Region: select the region where the application will execute and stream from.

Configuring the default launch setting for applications mac


How do I save passwords in a browser on Turbo to share with team members?

This can be achieved by creating an image with the credentials set using the Turbo CLI

# Run a browser
>turbo new firefox
Using VM 18.7.1306 from local
Using image clean:26 from local
Using image firefox:61 from local
Running new container firefox#9afe83e2

# Go to a website and log in, saving your credentials, then exit the application
Process exited with status 0

# Save the container into an image
> turbo commit firefox#9afe83e2 ffpassword
Using image firefox:61 from local
Committing container firefox:3.5#a524349c to image ffpassword
Commit complete

# Push to hub
> turbo push ffpassword mynamespace/ffpassword
Pushing image ffpassword to mynamespace/ffpassword
Push complete
Image is private