Getting Started

Signing In

To get started, sign in to your Portal. The Portal is a web site where you can access all of your organization's applications, files, and other resources.

Your system administrator will provide with the URL of your organization's Portal. Once you open the URL, you can sign in with your organization credentials.

If you have a Workspace hosted on, press the Sign In button in the top right and sign in with your credentials. If you don't already have a account, you will need to create a account and ask your administrator to add you as a member of the Workspace.


For the best experience, it is recommended to install and use one of the native clients on your device. provides an app for all major desktop and mobile platforms.

If you do not use one of client applications, you can still use via the HTML5 interface in any major web browser.

If you are on a device issued by your organization, your system administrator may already have installed the necessary client on your device.