To Parallels RAS

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a comprehensive virtual application and desktop delivery solution that allows your employees to access and use applications and data from any device.

By integrating technology, Parallels Remote Application Server allows IT administrators to package applications and their dependencies into an isolated virtual environments. Containerized applications can be run on any Windows server, no matter the underlying OS. This eliminates installs, conflicts, breaks, and missing dependencies.

Application Provisioning is integrated into Parallels RAS, allowing application provisioning directly from the Hub to any server in the farm. Administrators can just select the required application directly from the RAS Console; applications are automatically installed and ready to be published to the users.

Effortless Delivery has teamed up with Parallels RAS to further simplify the process of delivering applications and desktops. Completely transparent to the administrator and without any extra configurations required, the applications in the Hub are available for delivery in the Parallels RAS Console like any application already installed in the farm. As soon as a user requests first-time access to an application published, Parallels RAS automatically installs and configures runtime and the application on the RDSH servers, reducing IT staff's manual tasks.

Run Legacy Applications and Multiple Versions Simultaneously

Some applications (and very often legacy applications) were not designed for publishing, since they may fail to launch if there is another instance of the application already running on the server. Parallels RAS integrated with allows you to bypass such limitations, because a running application wouldn’t be able to detect that there is another instance of the application already running on the computer. Application containerization enables administrators to run different versions of the same application on the same server. For instance, on a webpage, testers may test the page on different browsers and also different versions of the same browser, ensuring the same face is shown on each.

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