The copyi command copies an image to another repository on your local machine. cpi is an alias for this command.

Usage: turbo copyi <options> <image> [<repository>/]<image>[:<tag>]

<options> available:
      --format=VALUE         Use json format for output
      --overwrite            Overwrite existing image
      --wait-after-error     Leave program open after error
      --wait-after-exit      Leave program open after exit

If the repository specified in the command does not already exist, a new one is automatically created.

# Copy nodejs/nodejs to a new repository
> turbo copyi nodejs/nodejs my-node

Output image: my-node

# Copy the image to the existing repository with a new tag
> turbo copyi nodejs/nodejs my-node:1.0

JSON output

When --format=json option was passed this command will provide output in JSON format. It will contain either an image object with information about forked image or an error object if command failed.