The images command lists all of the images present in the local registry.

Usage: turbo images <options>

<options> available:
      --csv                  Print output with tab-separated columns
      --format=VALUE         Use json format for output
      --no-trunc             Don't truncate output

The results are truncated so that they are most readable in the command prompt. To prevent Turbo from truncating data, specify the --no-trunc flag.

The --csv flag can be specified to return the output as a tab-separated table.


# List all images in local registry
> turbo images

ID 			  Name  				  Tag	 Created 				Size
-- 			  ----  				  ---    -------    			----
7a85fe8f7ad1  chocolatey/chocolatey          8/22/2014 11:34:19 AM  3.6 MB

JSON output

When --format=json option was passed this command will provide output in JSON format. It will contain either an images array with information about available images or an error object if command failed.