The subscription command is used to update, register, unregister, suspend, resume and print the details of a subscription.

Usage: subscription <options> [action] <workspace>...
       sub <options> [action] <workspace>...

<options> available:
      --all                  Applies action to all subscriptions
      --allow-offline        Registers the subscription offline if the connection to the hub fails
      --all-users            Applies the configuration settings to all users
      --format=VALUE         Use the specified format for output. Supported values: json
      --no-fonts             Don't install fonts for installed applications
      --no-pull              Registers or updates without pulling images
      --offline              Registers the subscription without a hub connection
      --overwrite-shortcuts  Ovewrite existing shortcuts on the host
      --pull                 Pulls images when registering or updating subscription
      --wait-after-error     Leave session open after error
      --wait-after-exit      Leave session open after it exits

The available actions are update, register, suspend, resume and print.

Update a Subscription

The update action updates all of the images in the subscription to the latest version.

Use the --no-pull option to update the subscription without pulling new image versions, instead the images will be streamed on demand.

Register a Subscription

The register action registers all applications in the subscription. The applications are registered via installi. Application AD group restrictions are applied to the end user's Windows identity. An all users context subscription may be registered from a user context, which will give the user read access to the registered applications. If an application is set to auto-launch, it will launch immediately after it is installed or updated.

Instead of registering a single subscription, you have the option to use the --all flag which allows you to register all available subscriptions on the device. This includes removing any subscriptions that have been deleted from the device or from the user's permissions.

To enable automatic registration and unregistration of all available subscriptions on the machine, you can configure AutoRegister by using the command turbo config --enable=AutoRegister. It's important to note that automatic registration is only enabled for single user accounts and not executed for all users.

The user's currently configured domain must the same as the subscription's domain otherwise the registration will fail.

Suspend and Resume a Subscription

The suspend action suspends updates for the specified subscription. The resume command will resume updates.

Listing Details

The print action shows details about the subscription.

   > turbo subscription print example-channel
    Subscription example-channel for the current user
    Created 08.02.2016 17:20:23, last updated never (automatic)

    Name                            Repo               Release   Layers
    ----                            ----               -------   ------
    Mozilla Firefox & Flash Latest  mozilla/firefox    44.0      adobe/flash:
    Mozilla Firefox Latest          mozilla/firefox    44.0