Turbo Studio in Azure

A preconfigured application capture environment can be deployed to Azure via the Turbo Studio Azure Marketplace Image (AMI). A Turbo Studio AMI deployed instance has Turbo Studio and Turbo Client preinstalled on a clean machine to allow for accurate application captures whether the Setup Capture or Snapshot method is used.

Users will need the following to deploy the Turbo Server AMI:

  • Azure subscription
  • Feee Turbo.net account

The Remote Desktop Protocol (port 3389) is open by default once the Turbo Studio AMI is deployed.

Note: While there are no extra charges to deploy the Turbo Studio AMI, the Azure subscription will still be charged for any usage.


To deploy the Turbo Studio AMI go to portal.azure.com, click Create a resource, search for "Turbo Studio", select the desired plan, and click Create.

The following information will be needed to deploy the Turbo Studio AMI:

  • Resource group: Resource group to deploy the AMI
  • Region: Azure region to deploy the AMI
  • Virtual Machine Name: Hostname of the VM
  • Username and password: Local administrative account on the VM

Click Create when all the required information is added to the deployment and the review step passes validation.

When the deployment completes, open a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) conection top the VM using the Public IP address from the Overview page of the deployed Turbo Studio AMI VM in the Azure Portal.

The deployed Turbo Studio AMI can now be used to capture applications using the Setup Capture or Snapshot methods.