Google LDAP

To configure Turbo Server to authenticate against Google LDAP, add an external directory service.

Refer to the Google LDAP documentation to set up the Google LDAP service for your Google Workspace.

Connection Details

Google requires client side certificate to validate the connection over SSL. Obtain the client certificate and key files as described in the Google LDAP documentation.

You must add the client certificate to the Windows Certificate store, as a single combined certificate and key file in pkcs12 format. To combine the cert and key file from google you will need openssl.

> openssl pkcs12 -export -in <path-to-cert>.crt -inkey <path-to-key>.key -out <path-to-cert-key>.pfx

Next, login to the Hub server as the service user and import the certificate-key file to the Current User windows keystore under Personal Certificates. Restart the Turbo Service to pick up the new certificate.

Connect using the following settings when adding the external directory service:

Type: Other LDAP


Port: 636

Top Directory: dc=example,dc=com

Binding Type: SSL

Synchronization Account: Ensure you connect with a specific account if required by your Google LDAP configuration, in addition to SSL certificate authentication.

Directory Schema Consult the Google LDAP schema documentation to configure the Directory Schema settings. Example settings are provided below.

  • Users

    • Filter: (objectClass=inetOrgPerson);(objectClass=posixAccount)
    • Class: inetOrgPerson;posixAccount
    • Login name: uid;cn
    • First name: givenName
    • Last name: sn
    • Full name: displayName;cn
  • Groups

    • Filter: (objectClass=posixGroup)
    • Class: posixGroup
    • Name: displayName
    • Description: description
    • Members: member

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